Homeward Bound

Today I begin my journey back home to Australia, and I just want to briefly reflect on some personal moments and thoughts from my time here in Japan.

Travelling is one of my great passions. I love being in a foreign country, experiencing it’s unique culture, and learning more not only about a new place, but about myself.

Japan was no exception to this.

Japan is a place that is so steeped in its historic culture that it is truly a magical experience to be here. In my time here I have learned a lot about cultural norms, modesty, ingrained gender roles, and how a country with such a huge population manages to run like clockwork.

My expectation going into this trip was that it would be a welcomed break from challenges at home and a mental reset for me. This year has been a rough one so far, and I clung to the hope that this experience would kick things back in the right direction. It’s pretty hilarious how our expectations can feel so solid, and then the universe swoops in and turns everything on its head, just to remind us that really, we don’t know shit.

As amazing as the experience of being here has been, it has also been really challenging to be away from my support system. 2019 is a challenging growth year for me, and it turns out that learning to hold myself close in difficult moments was the true lesson that I had to relearn whilst being away from home. It wasn’t meant to be a month of luxurious adventure, partying and an instant restoration of my equilibrium. It was a time to allow the introverted part of myself to take the reigns when I needed to rest, and to really reiterate the importance of finding the strongest, safest space within myself to be in when I needed to.

I won’t lie, I hit a pretty hard low whilst I was here. But as awful as that was, I am so grateful to know that I am now back on the steady road up to find a new, more balanced level of wellness. I really admire the hard moments for all that they each us, and am incredibly excited to get home and get back to the business of developing more healthy habits for both my body and mind.

Aside from my personal challenges whilst being here, Japan has been so uniquely amazing. But, my number one tip would be to NOT TRAVEL HERE IN THE SUMMER, as it is hotter than Satan’s asshole.

On a more positive note, I plan to write a little tips for Japan post that should hopefully be helpful to anyone journeying here for the first time, so keep an eye out for it!

As always, thank you to every single supportive person in my life. You truly allow me so much space to grow, change and learn and I am so stoked to be able to share so many pieces of myself with your kind souls.

Big love and see you soon! x

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