Best Female-Led Podcasts

Hey everyone!

To be honest, it’s hard to write in these weird times, but something that’s been helping me to laugh, think and be present are listening to the following podcasts by bad-ass women.

If you haven’t hopped on board the podcast train yet then I must ask you, why not?! There’s stacks of amazing content out there, from comedy to crime, self help to how-to, there are bound to be plenty of podcast’s to suit your interests. I wanted to do a little blog today about my favourite podcasts, which all happen to be female led, and will hopefully get you on to some of the wholesome, interesting and hilarious content out there. Especially as we are living in a time of needing to stay home to stay safe, there really can be no shortage of entertainment and learning that can happen within the walls of your home (or car). So here are my top 6 podcasts to get your through iso-life and beyond!

The Guilty Feminist – I’ve been a fan of The Guilty Feminist for years, and my love has only grown as the show has progressed. It’s recorded live across Britain and the wider world, and is a show that opens with confessions of being a ‘bad feminist’, includes important discussions of modern and historical feminist issues, and contains loads of stand-up comedy. I really love this podcast, as it unpacks societal issues in such an accessible way, and tries to be as inclusive of all people as possible. It’s funny, poignant and will highlight many things that you know to be true.

Sugar Calling – A brand newie by my favourite author Cheryl Strayed and an instant fave! Cheryl wrote the hit novel Wild (you may have read the book or seen the movie that followed), and a novel called Dear Sugar (among others), which was a compilation of questions and advice from her online ‘Agony Aunt’ platform from years ago. It’s a gorgeous book filled with sage advice and moving anecdotes, and the podcast Sugar Calling pays homage to this time where Cheryl guided people through the most uncertain of times. Sugar Calling is a podcast where Cheryl calls fellow writers to discuss the truly challenging times we are living through during COVID-19. This podcast is already in my regular rotation as the episodes are filled with beautiful sentiment and metaphors to describe what it is like to be alive right now. It is a true comfort.

The Self Love Club – Hosted by New Zealand radio presenter Bel Crawford, The Self Love Club is a wholesome podcast about self care, overcoming obstacles and how to take the leap of faith as a modern business-woman. She has guests on each episode to talk about their journey to wellness and success, and it is a genuine and light-hearted poddy to listen to in a time full of uncertainty. It’s perfect easy listening for your weekend strolls or to start your Monday morning well!

We Want To Be Better – Hosted by besties and hilarious Aussie gals Bianka Thompson and Annie Nolan, this podcast is comedic, informative and so damn accessible. On We Want To Be Better, Annie and Bianka discuss all of the ups and downs of life, from sex education to astrology, to cat-fostering and quitting alcohol. This is a podcast that will have you laughing and learning, and will get you right in the feels as they refuse to shy away from the more difficult subjects. It feels like listening to your two big sisters teach you about the bloody roller coaster that is life, and is just the right balance of giggles and realness to make it a truly worthwhile listen.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – I think I’ve had more Ah-ha moments listening to this podcast than I have by doing anything else in life. There are tonnes of episodes in this podcast series as Oprah invites a variety of spiritual leaders, writers, actors, political leaders and inspiring individuals to speak about how they find peace and happiness in their every day lives. I especially love the mini-series she did with Eckhart Tolle discussing the Ego, and I’ve re-listened to those episodes a heap of times. The ideas can seem really abstract at first, but there are so many gems of truth and enlightenment to be found in each episode of this podcast.

Where Should We Begin? – An amazing therapy podcast where you get to listen to a professional, Esther Perel, counsel couples though challenges and changes. She is incredibly wise, and her Freudian approach to behavioural patterns will get you thinking about how you behave in your own relationships. Esther also does a podcast called How’s Work? where she counsels business partners through transitions, which is also excellent! It’s a really intriguing look at how therapy works, and how our actions and inner worlds reflect one another. Give it a crack!

I hope you all have a listen to whichever podcast tickles your pickle, and support the incredible women behind them that are tirelessly producing content even in this challenging time.

Stay safe, stay well, and make sure you are prioritising your self care, and if you don’t already have one, feel free to download a Self care wheel to keep your goals visible.

Big love,


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