How to Balance a Busy Life: Scheduling

Look, I’m not gonna lie, I’m an avid note taker, to-do list maker, write it down, tick it off, plan it in advance kind of gal. If I don’t have a running white-board of to-do’s for the week, I wont achieve very much.

I am a very visually-motivated person. Every month I write up my Self Care Wheel and fill it with things I want to do and achieve to reach my wellness goals. Weekly I’ll update my mini white-board with practical goals like ‘pay this bill’, ‘go to this gym class’ and so on. On top of that I have my weekly diary which I write important events in, tick off my exercise goals in and am able to flick through to see whatever is upcoming. These are my three key tools for staying on top of my tasks, and they help me to remain focussed on my goals.

If you are less of a physical scheduler, I implore you to try and utilise your phone! Use your calendar to schedule in activities, download apps that will give you periodic reminders to practice self care and set alarms so you won’t forget important things. I am less consistent when I use my phone for my scheduling, but I did try an app called Fabulous (the free version works fine so don’t worry about getting suckered into paying) and found that helpful for organising a healthy morning and evening routine.

In order to find the balance you’re seeking in your day to day life, I encourage you to find the tools that work for you. If you have no idea where to start, try using your phone, get a whiteboard, buy a cute diary or make a self-care wheel. Start somewhere, and see how you go with scheduling your time to include the activities you need to feel fulfilled. Schedule in that bubble bath, that fitness class, that time for quiet journalling.

Treat it like an important meeting and make sure you attend to it. Show up for yourself (because honey, if you don’t, no one else is going to do it for you).


One thought on “How to Balance a Busy Life: Scheduling

  1. Hi Kirsty
    I am also a great list writer and use my phone calendar and and set the alarm to make sure I don’t miss a beat. Recently when I was feeling overwhelmed with too much to do I started to think “How lucky am I too have so many things to do. Some people feel bored”.

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