How to Balance a Busy Life: A Miniseries

Just as Carrie mused in Sex and the City, can we have it all?

It’s the million dollar question, and one that I’ve been mulling over since my own life kicked into high gear as I find myself juggling my new career, current partner, friends, exercise, writing, learning and self care. It’s a lot! I think that it is hard for everyone, but particularly brutal for those with a passion project they are yearning to pour energy into, but are struggling to find time in the day to engage.

Being an adult isn’t easy. I wish I could go back in time and kick my 16 year old self in the shins for thinking it would be easier than high school. It’s better, yes, but easier? Definitely not.

Last year whilst I struggled through my final Social Work placement, I never thought I was going to find the right balance. It was near on impossible for me to fathom how I could work full time, study, exercise, eat well, care for my mental health, have an active social life, see my family, remove toxic people from my circle, work on my blog AND on my book. It was too much. I can now see that at my worst, I was having a mini breakdown, that’s how too much it all was. But with therapy, support from key people and an “I know it’s going to get better” attitude, I pushed through my busy life and managed to find solid ground. It’s a year on from that difficult time now, and I am older, and perhaps a teensy bit wiser, and am proud to say that I have finally found my stride.

So as I’ve been reflecting on the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about balance. Now that I am at the close of my first month of full time, busy, difficult work as a Social Worker, I think I’m finally (somewhat) there and ready to share how I’m managing to have it all in my own little life. So if you can, I’d love you to join me for this miniseries on how to balance a busy life. Check out the next blog for part one!



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