Core Affirmations to Live By

Staying positive and being in a wonderful relationship with yourself that is full of care and growth can be a lot easier to cultivate than it seems.

I’ve been having a challenging time this year in keeping my head in a positive space, so I’ve been using affirmations and refocusing on my core beliefs as a way to recenter and practice gratitude in times of struggle.

Here are some of the core principles that I live by that help to keep me calm, grounded and grateful throughout the many waves of life.

Remember that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit (or something like that), so if you practice affirmations every day for three weeks, you will already be well on your way to having a better relationship with yourself.

Better relationship with yourself=happier life=better relationship with others!

10 Core Affirmations and Values

1. I am in charge of my thoughts

2. I can only ever do my best, and that is enough

3. What I put energy into thinking about will come to me

4. There is so much to be grateful for every day

5. I will replace judgemental thoughts with compassionate ones

6. A persons negativity and judgement towards anyone else is usually just a reflection of their own insecurity

7. Be kind. It only takes a moment to give someone a smile, and those things are pretty damn infectious

8. I will talk to and treat myself just the same as I would a dear friend

9. People who are hurt, can often hurt others. Be kind and mindful

10. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness

What are some of your core principles that help to guide your life?

Big love x

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