Top 5 Wellness Apps

Hi loves!

So we all know that phones have basically become an extension of the human body, and I believe that it is super important to fill yours with content that will nourish your mental and physical wellbeing. It is far too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of endless Instagram and Facebook scrolling, but creating a routine in which you actively use wellness apps to promote self improvement can do wonders for your health. You can work to create a more fulfilling relationship between yourself and your phone by being strict about the content you choose to include in your day to day life!

These are the top 5 apps that I have used to further develop my self care skills, expand self reflective practice and raise emotional awareness.

Calm– A great app to learn how to meditate, alleviate anxiety and find your inner stillness. There are meditations to help you sleep, which can be a lovely way to drift off if you have some trouble getting to sleep at night! There’s a free trial you can get on, but after that it is subscription based

Headspace- Another wonderful app to walk you through meditation techniques to calm the mind. This app is also by subscription, but you can get three sessions for free to see how it feels before making a commitment!

Emotional Intelligence– Full of articles and learning materials to help you understand emotion, body language, personality, creativity (and much more). A really cool resource to build up your knowledge relating to all of the weird and wonderful parts of our human experiences

K Yoga- A super simple and effective yoga app that can help you to build strength, learn poses and start a routine that will benefit you both mentally and physically. Give it a go and see if yoga tickles your pickle! It may be a great bridge to building the confidence to go out and try a class

7 Minute Workout– A super simple workout app that gets you moving! It’s really important exercise daily, and even 7 minutes of training is better than no minutes, and can help you ease into a positive exercise routine

I would love to hear what apps you guys use to keep yourself well, so please feel free to comment on this post and share the wellness!

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