Setting Your Intention For The Year

2020 is here!

A New Year, a fresh start, another wonderful opportunity. First of all I just want to share how grateful I am to be alive, well, and able to see in the new year, and I encourage you to take a moment to be grateful for waking up this morning and being able to keep doing this wacky, fun, challenging, weird and wonderful thing called life.

Most years I write out these standard things (you may have heard of them?!) called resolutions. Usually they include wanting to read more books, finish more creative projects and learn a new skill, but it often gets to mid year and I’ll find my little list somewhere and think “Dammit! I definitely have not put in the work this year (again)”. So instead of writing a list of resolutions, I’ve decided that 2020 will be about setting an intention.

Intention setting can be a powerful tool to tap into your intuition, and it can be used to guide your choices, so it seems like the perfect device to help us to stay motivated and intentional this year.

My intention for this year is Positive Growth.

Not too complex right?

What I mean by using Positive Growth as my intention is that my choices about what I will invest my time, energy and love into will have to align with this intention, or I wont engage with it.

I’ve already got a few things planned for this year, including finally completing a weekend-long beginners acting class that I’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years (and that I had on my old resolution lists and still haven’t done!). This is an experience that will probably be pretty anxiety provoking, but the essence of the activity is that it will encourage Positive Growth. It will allow me to experiment with an interest I’ve had for a long time, develop a new type of confidence, and will in all likelihood be loads of fun. This is an example of a choice I am going to make that aligns with my 2020 Intention, because it is something that will foster new growth and new skills.

Some 2020 Intentions you might consider as making your own could be:

  • Love over Fear
  • A New Comfort-Zone
  • Self Love
  • Taking Positive Risks
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude

You may have one in mind that will work perfectly for you, and if not I encourage you to think about it and nail down what energy you want to bring into 2020 to make it an amazing year.

We have no control over a lot of the events that a year brings, because of course challenges and changes know no timeline, but what we can control is the mind we have, and the way that we allow things (or don’t allow things) to impact us.

Happy New Year everyone and lets kick start 2020 with some positive vibes!


Big Love



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