8 Ways to Be Greener

Hi everyone!

In light of the amazing Sir David Attenborough’s speech to politicians regarding climate change, here is a quick refresher of 8 key ways that you can have a positive impact on the environment.

– Bring your own bag/cutlery/straw/coffee cup/reusable water bottle with whenever you leave the house. There are so many lovely designs for these products and they can pack down super small! Even keeping some sparesies in your car can help to combat that “oh damn I forgot my keepcup” moment when you swing by a cafe on the way to work.

– Don’t wrap your veggies in plastic bags at the supermarket. Use eco bags, or no bags, and just wash your lovely foods when you get home. Easy!

– Eat more of a plant based diet 🌱 Try to do veggie days in the week where you sub out meat for falafel or something else that’s delicious (taco salad with falafel, avo, refried beans, lettuce and tortilla chips is my favourite!)

– Like, share and TALK about important climate change issues. Grassroots activism is powerful, and approaching these topics in a kind and supportive way is far more likely to generate change compared to flipping out on someone for putting their pumpkin in a plastic bag at the store (you can still of course be quietly furious).

– Don’t buy bottled water. It’s a 100% markup on something you can get from your tap. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, get a filter. In Australia we are privileged enough to have safe tap water, so there is no reason to be going wild with plastic bottles, wasting your money and also polluting the earth. An easy swap!

– Sign petitions, support local grassroots action, join the Greens or another group that is pushing for change. Get involved, and get loud, because we need to change now.

– Buy fresh, buy seasonal and buy local. Be very mindful of whose pockets your money is going into. Support local farmers and enjoy the taste of wholesome, natural foods.

– Turn off lights when you’re not in a room to save energy (and money)!

Remember that it is absolutely okay to not be perfect all the time- no one is! If you forget your drink bottle, or you habitually pop a straw into your drink at the bar, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just try to do better next time.

Changes in habits take time, but the key is that you are trying, and that next time you will be more equipped to be able to do better.

And my last piece advice is to be mindful, and be hopeful. We can, and must, make a change.

The time is now.

Big love x

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