Staying Grounded

Busy. We really are busy so much of the time. Busy to the point that it can be challenging to find time to make dinner, let alone to allocate time to sit and write and meditate, and consider the world in all its madness.  We can so easily take on the pressure and the energy of the chaos, of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I have recently fallen into the trap of the busy, bustling, stress-sphere, but I am glad to say that I am pushing through it and starting to take some steps away from the useless emotion that is stress! I haven’t been writing much lately due to the time crunches of life. I had a lot of issues in getting my new work contracts organised, I missed a weeks worth of work due to paperwork issues, the house that I am renting is being turned into a holiday home so I have to find a new place to live in a town that is already incredibly short on residential homes, I had a trip back home to Australia where I had to work the whole time in order to make up for the money I lost from that week of not working. I haven’t had time to do a real grocery shop in the past month, and this cumulation of issues and stress began to present itself in one of the worst possible ways. My  annoyance at the inconveniences within my own life started to transform into unfounded frustration with other people. It is truly bonkers how easy it is to fall into this trap, even when, ESPECIALLY when, it is not our conscious intention.

Recognition of this insecure little ego driven demon came as I unpacked the accumulated annoyances of each day and placed them into focus. Each moment of negativity was like a tiny mirror being held up to myself, showing me that the real problem was my total inability in that moment to accept and allow the things that were out of my control to happen. In general, it isn’t too common for me to feel really pissed off and triggered by things that are out of my control, but when things start to pile up it can be easy to fall into the “why why why” category of thinking.

Pulling myself back to reality took some positive social interaction, and refocusing on my goals. The consideration of goals is something that can be easily brushed over, we can feel as though we are pretty sure we are living in line with them, without actually doing so at all. Stopping to reassess things is crucial to being on the correct path. Just like a regular check up with your doctor, a regular check up with your goals is important. Yesterday I printed out some little goal sheets (Pinterest is the best for this), and really considered what I am wanting to be working towards now, in the near future, and in the next year or so. This simple act of naming your hopes and plans helps to give them power, and refocuses your attention on what is really important to your wellbeing and growth.

A lot of people manage to stay present and focused through meditation, manifestation, affirmations and journaling, which are all great avenues to staying grounded whilst life shifts and moves beneath you. I think that we all owe ourselves the time and the energy to figure out how we stay well, to be sure that we don’t start projecting our own fears, anxieties and frustrations onto the people around us. Too many times I have seen (and lived with, and loved alongside) people who were so unable to process their own challenges without pulling the collective energy down with them. People like that will drain the life out of you, and I am sure that you don’t want to be that person. So invest the time to figure out what wellness is for you. Figure out how to stay grounded.

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